Backing up files and databases to Amazon S3

Dead Computer by Beatrice Murch

Very few people learn the importance of backups before having a stomach churning loss of data at the most inopportune time (right before a presentation or the night before your thesis is due). Some, such as yours truly, need to have multiple hard drive failures before they learn their lesson. Luckily we are now where… Continue reading Backing up files and databases to Amazon S3

Please Stop Complaining About How Busy You Are

I imagine this Harvard Business Review article, “Please Stop Complaining About How Busy You Are“, hits home for many of us. We’re all just so “busy” these days. “Slammed” in fact. “Buried.” Desperately “trying to keep our heads above water.” While these common responses to “How are you?” seem like they’re lifted from the Worst Case… Continue reading Please Stop Complaining About How Busy You Are

Want to become a billionaire?

I thought this list from the Harvard Business Review of company mission categories was inspirational: Making the world more beautiful. Making the world more fun. Making the world more efficient and smart. They go on to highlight some billionaires whose companies fit those categories. They all fit my personal mantra (which I think I stole… Continue reading Want to become a billionaire?

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Amazon product searches

I think this site is too cool not to share. MerchantWords shows you what Amazon users are searching for and how many are searching for a particular term. If you produce/sell a physical product, or are thinking about doing so, then it should be your next stop on the web.

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Zero-Item Inbox Bliss

I finally did it. After years of dreaming about a zero-item inbox I actually decided that I was going to achieve it by the end of the day. That didn’t happen. I was able to achieve zero-inbox bliss within a week of making that decision. And the closer I got the better I felt. I… Continue reading Zero-Item Inbox Bliss