Your Next Five Moves

I have long held the belief that business content (conference talks, books, podcasts, blog posts) fall on a spectrum between inspirational and actionable. The very best content is both–it not only makes you want to conquer the world but tells you exactly how to do it. Often, content falls at one of the extremes. Purely… Continue reading Your Next Five Moves

Most recommended books on entrepreneurial podcasts

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

I used to be a voracious consumer of podcasts for entrepreneurs (and took notes on many of them) and still try to listen to them as time allows. I also love reading business books and am always looking for recommendations. These books are the most recommended ones on the podcasts that I listen to. (contains… Continue reading Most recommended books on entrepreneurial podcasts

The End of Jobs

When I first heard about Taylor Pearson’s new book, The End of Jobs, I was worried that he had written the book that I have been researching. What I found was instead a practical book that outlines how the employment equation is changing, gives examples of people that are at the front of the wave… Continue reading The End of Jobs