Sell more in January by asking your prospects about their annual goals

Time to set new year's resolutions for your business

Businesses often set annual goals or initiatives just like individuals set New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or read more books. A business is more likely to set goals to win more business, roll out new features or services, or improve a few key metrics. This is something that will be on the top of your prospective customers’ minds at the beginning of the year. This offers you an unique opportunity to try a different sales pitch.

When emailing prospects or making sales calls at the end of December or the beginning of January you can specifically ask them about their business goals for the year and if there is something you can do to help them achieve them:

Hey <prospect name>,

A new year is upon us and you may be setting goals to take your business to another level in 2017. If you have any initiatives for <the service or product you provide> I would love to explore helping you with them. We’ll help you achieve this goal early in the year which creates momentum for the rest of them!

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

<your name>

p.s. here is a <ebook, article, video, SlideShare, etc.> about <customer problem> that you might find useful.

Note that is email is not about you but all about your prospective customer. You are extending an offer of help and when you do get them on the phone do not launch immediately into your sales pitch. Continue exploring their business and their goals prior to offering your business as the solution. Listening to them will help you use the right language and frame your product/service as something built for their specific needs.

Like an individual who signs up for an annual gym membership but stops going in February, businesses also lose steam on their goals as more pressing matters come up throughout the year. With this in mind make sure you send the initial email in the first half of January and follow up at least twice before Valentine’s Day. Once March comes we’re already a sixth of the way through the year and we have many things vying to be our priority.

Like with anything email campaign test a couple different subjects and body content. This way when you repeat the campaign in twelve months you will get better results.

Good luck and happy New Year!

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