How to Design Hardware Products

Lecture 17: How to Design Hardware Products

Link: How to Start a Startup

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Hosain Rahman (@hosain)

The whole point is to help people to a better life with technology.

Think about, “where is the world going?”

Have organizing principles.

Thinking needs to shift from being about actual things to the user.

You need to be great at the full stack.

The exploration phase if very wild.

Don’t do one off things. You have to see a broader vision. Look at where do we think the world is moving and think about how this is going to be a stepping stone to that ultimate end vision.

All of your content and media experiences are now in your phone.

Media is still the killer app in your house.

There are a lot of layers to user research.

Data is great. Understanding is better.

Action is key.

Notifications are a tool for behavior change.

Constraints are really great because they serve as opportunities to resolve, to refine, to simplify, and push you to find the right answer that will solve the user problem in the simplest way.

At a big company you have to force a lot of communications.

We can dream a lot faster than what is possible.

Web software is a lot different than mobile software. Building mobile software is more like building hardware.