Productivity Powerups Course

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl from Unsplash and used under Creative Commons.

Today I’m launching Productivity Powerups which is a free email course that will help you make the most of every hour of your day and help you achieve everything you aspire to. When you sign up you will receive one actionable strategy a day for ten days that you can implement to free yourself from the busy work that is holding you back and instead focus on the projects that will propel you forward both personally and professionally.

All this course requires is about three minutes of your day (so 30-minutes total) to read the emails. Some of the tactics laid out can be implemented immediately while others are habits that you will build over time. Time is only thing you cannot make more of so a small investment of it now will grow into personal and financial dividends that you benefit from for the rest of your life.

This course also marks a renewed focus in this blog on productivity. Our software’s goal is to save you time managing your business and our articles going forward aim to do the same.

Sign up today!